Anatomy for Runners: Unlocking Your Athletic Potential for Health, Speed, and Injury Prevention

Skyhorse - Unfortunately, with running comes injuries, as a result of wrong information and improper training. Running has become more and more popular in recent years, with thousands of people entering marathons, and going for a daily jog, buying new running shoes with the latest technology, whether on the track or on a treadmill.

Along with clear and thorough explanations of how running influences the body, along with step-by-step photos, and the corrective exercises, and how the body influences your running, will improve your core and overall performance, this book answers many of the common questions that athletes have: Do runners need to stretch? What is the best way to run? What causes injuries? Which shoes are best for running? Is running barefoot beneficial? The mobility and stability tests will assess your form, so that you can train and run with confidence, knowing how to avoid injuries! .

Anatomy for Runners: Unlocking Your Athletic Potential for Health, Speed, and Injury Prevention - Author jay dicharry was tired of getting the same treatments from doctors that didn’t heal his joint and muscle pain from running, biomechanical analysis, so he decided to combine different fields of clinical care, and coaching to help you avoid common injuries and become the best runner you can be.

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Running Rewired: Reinvent Your Run for Stability, Strength, and Speed

VeloPress - You’ll find your personal best running form and become a faster, more durable runner. In running rewired, faster, america’s leading endurance sports physical therapist and coach shares a program for runners to become stronger, and more durable. Jay dicharry distills cutting-edge biomechanical research into 15 workouts any runner can slot into their training program to begin seeing real results in about 6 weeks.

To develop the four essential movement skills required for faster, safer running, runners must practice better movement as they build strength. For better or worse, your body drives your running form. Running rewired will show you how to shed old injuries, mobility problems, weaknesses and imbalances and rewire your body-brain movement patterns.

Running Rewired: Reinvent Your Run for Stability, Strength, and Speed - You’ll rebuild your movement and transform your running within one season. Through his work with athletes at REP Lab and top university sports performance clinics, Dicharry has found that strength training alone is inadequate for runners. In running rewired, you’ll use• 11 self-tests for joint mobility, build strength, posture stability, rotation, and alignment• 83 exercises to fix blocks, move with precision, and improve power• 15 rewire workouts to amplify any training plan from 5K to ultramarathonDicharry’s Running Rewired combines the best of real-world coaching and a physical therapy approach to strength and mobility for better running.

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Build Your Running Body: A Total-Body Fitness Plan for All Distance Runners, from Milers to Ultramarathoners―Run Farther, Faster, and Injury-Free

The Experiment - With the breakthrough whole-body training program in Build Your Running Body, runners will improve their times, run longer and more comfortably, and reduce injury. With more than 150 workouts—from weightlifting and cross-training to resistance exercises and plyometrics—fine-tuned to individual skill levels and performance goals, and coaches—learn how elite runners train today • race strategy for the crucial weeks leading up to the competition and through to the finish line • Exercises to prevent injury and rehabilitate common running ailments • Seasoned insight on barefoot running, and weight loss • More than 30 recipes to speed recovery and cement fitness gains • Beginners' guidelines every step of the way • Valuable tips on proper apparel, and other hot-button topics • Nutrition guidance on carbs, fats, proteins, tracking your progress, exercise scientists, the pros and cons of stretching, PLUS: • 393 photos that make it easy to follow every step of every workout • 10 training programs to help runners of all levels integrate the total-body plan into their daily routines • Interviews with leading runners, and more! Experiment.

The best running book ever. Bob anderson, fast, if you want a fit, and injury-resistant running body, founder of Runner’s WorldWhether you're a miler or an ultramarathoner, there's a better way to train than relentlessly pursuing mileage. This easy-to-use workout manual draws on the latest research in running physiology to target all the components that go into every stride—including muscles, cardiovascular fitness, connective tissue, energy production, the nervous system, hormones, and the brain.

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Run Faster from the 5K to the Marathon: How to Be Your Own Best Coach

Three Rivers Press - Until now, only a handful of elite athletes have been able to benefit from his methods. Then you’ll learn how to devise a training program specifically geared to you. And you’ll soon be running faster than you ever thought possible! Experiment. Do you want to run faster? are you trying to peak for a particular race? Would you like to find your true running potential? Brad Hudson, former Olympic Trials marathoner and current coach to Olympians like Dathan Ritzenhein, will show you the way in this practical, reader-friendly guide.

Used book in Good Condition. Filled with easy-to-follow sample training programs for distances ranging from the 5K to the marathon and abilities ranging from novice to advanced, Run Faster is the cutting-edge guide for optimal performance. With hudson’s guidance, you can train smarter and more effectively—and avoid injury.

Run Faster from the 5K to the Marathon: How to Be Your Own Best Coach - Becoming your own best coach is the ticket to running faster at any distance. Hudson is the most innovative running coach to come along in a generation. Now run faster from the 5k to the Marathon shows all runners how to coach themselves as confidently and effectively as Brad coaches his world-class athletes.

First you will learn to assess your abilities.

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Quick Strength for Runners: 8 Weeks to a Better Runner's Body

VeloPress - Experiment. In under an hour a week, runners will strengthen their core and key running muscles to build a better runner's body. Inside you'll find: • a guide to how strength training leads to better running form and fitness • 40 targeted exercises, with step-by-step photos and clear instructions • Progressive workouts and advanced form options to increase strength as fitness improves • A focused and efficient 8-week strength training program • Tips on designing your own long-term workout program for a lifetime of fitness Quick Strength for Runners makes it easy for runners to build a better runner's body.

In quick strength for runners, running coach and personal trainer Jeff Horowitz simplifies strength training into just two 20-minute workouts per week, with no gym or pricey equipment required. Quick strength for runners offers a smart, fast-paced strength training program for runners who want to run faster and with fewer injuries.

Quick Strength for Runners: 8 Weeks to a Better Runner's Body - Used book in Good Condition. Strength training is crucial to better running and injury prevention. Used book in Good Condition. This highly effective, easy-to-implement program will make you a stronger, faster runner in under an hour a week so you can stay on the road or trail. Designed specifically for runners, the Quick Strength program pinpoints the exercises that really work.

But it's difficult to know which exercises work best for runners or to get motivated to hit the gym.

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Ready to Run: Unlocking Your Potential to Run Naturally

Victory Belt Publishing - In this book, you will learn the 12 standards that will prepare your body for a lifetime of top-performance running. Although we may indeed be “born to Run, ” life in the modern world has trashed and undercut dedicated runners wishing to transform their running. In ready to run, run farther, you will learn: the 12 performance standards you must work toward and develop on an ongoing basis how to tap into all of your running potential and access a fountain of youth for lifelong running How to turn your weaknesses into strengths How to prevent chronic overuse injuries by building powerful injury-prevention habits into your day How to prepare your body for the demands of changing your running shoes and running technique How to treat pain and swelling with cutting-edge modalities and accelerate your recovery How to equip your home mobility gym A set of mobility exercises for restoring optimal function and range of motion to your joints and tissues How to run faster, and run better Experiment.

Victory Belt Publishing. Kelly starrett, and optimizing athletic performance, preventing Injury, author of the bestseller Becoming a Supple Leopard: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, has focused his revolutionary movement and mobility philosophy on the injury-plagued world of running. Are you ready to run? is there a bridge from the injury-ridden world of the modern runner to the promised land that barefoot running and Born to Run have led us to believe exists? Can we really live the running life free from injury? Is there an approach designed to unlock all the athletic potential that may be hidden within? Can we run faster, longer, and more efficiently?In a direct answer to the modern runner’s needs, Dr.

Ready to Run: Unlocking Your Potential to Run Naturally - You won’t just be prepared to run in a minimalist shoe–you’ll be Ready to Run, period. Despite the promises of the growing minimalist-shoe industry and a rush of new ideas on how to transform running technique, more than three out of four runners suffer at least one injury per year.

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Daniels' Running Formula

Human Kinetics Publishers - Train for competition with programs for 800 meters, 5K to 10K, 15K to 30K, cross country races, 1500 meters to 2 miles, and marathon events. Used book in Good Condition. Completely updated with new chapters on altitude training, seasonal programming, accessible, and treadmill training, Daniels’ Running Formula, is the most comprehensive, Third Edition, and instantly applicable edition to date.

Used book in Good Condition. With daniels’ running formula, you’ll track the time you spend at each level, train more efficiently, and optimize results. Premier running coach jack daniels provides you with his legendary VDOT formula to guide you through training at exactly the right intensity to run stronger, longer, and faster.

Choose a program to get in shape, target a race program, or regain conditioning after layoff or injury. Experiment. Get in the best shape of your running career with the help of Daniels’ Running Formula, the book that Runner’s World magazine calls the best training book. Each program incorporates training intensities to help you build endurance, strength, and speed.

Daniels' Running Formula - Human Kinetics. Whether training or competing, get the results you’re seeking every time you lace up with the workouts and programs detailed in Daniels’ Running Formula. Customizable to your current fitness level, competition goals, and schedule, anywhere, the formula is the ideal solution for any race, anytime.

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The Science of Running: How to find your limit and train to maximize your performance

Origin Press - Used book in Good Condition. Experiment. In the science of running, elite coach and exercise physiologist Steve Magness integrates the latest research with the training processes of the world's best runners, to deliver an in depth look at how to maximize your performance. The science of running how to Find Your Limit and Train to Maximize Your Performance.

If you are looking for how to finish your first 5k, this book isn't for you. Victory Belt Publishing. Human Kinetics. The first is aimed at identifying what limits running performance from a scientific standpoint. Used book in Good Condition. Full sample training programs from 800m to the marathon. It is a unique book that conquers both the scientific and practical points of running in two different sections.

You will take a tour through the inside of the body, learning what causes fatigue, how we produce energy to run, and how the brain functions to hold you back from super-human performance. Why vo2max is the most overrated and misunderstood concept in both the lab and on the track · Why "zone" training leads to suboptimal performance.

The Science of Running: How to find your limit and train to maximize your performance - The science of running does not hold back information and is sure to challenge you to become a better athlete, coach, or exercise scientist in covering such topics as: · What is fatigue? The latest research on looking at fatigue from a brain centered view. You will learn how to develop training plans and to look at training in a completely different way.

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Runner's World Your Best Stride: How to Optimize Your Natural Running Form to Run Easier, Farther, and Faster--With Fewer Injuries

Rodale Books - Rodale. With specific, strengthen your feet for better balance, illustrated exercises that show how to counteract tight muscles from excessive sitting, improve limited arm mobility from hunching over electronic devices, and improve speed by lengthening your stride, Runner's World Your Best Stride is an approachable guide to human movement and a practical tool for improved running performance.

Used book in Good Condition. The science of running how to Find Your Limit and Train to Maximize Your Performance. But there isn't one ideal form all runners should try to emulate. Run the way you were born to RunEvery runner wants a smooth, light, powerful, and resilient stride. Instead, research and experience show that people can run effectively in a wide variety of patterns with some universal elements.

Runner's World Your Best Stride: How to Optimize Your Natural Running Form to Run Easier, Farther, and Faster--With Fewer Injuries - In lively, author jonathan beverly details his search for common ground among physical therapists, avoid injury, accessible prose, and reveals how individual runners can apply those principles and improve their performance, biomechanics researchers, and coaches, podiatrists, and enhance their enjoyment on the run.

Victory Belt Publishing. Used book in Good Condition. Human Kinetics. Experiment.

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Run for Your Life: How to Run, Walk, and Move Without Pain or Injury and Achieve a Sense of Well-Being and Joy

Knopf - The book provides illustrated exercises designed to teach healthy running, a weekly/monthly schedule detailing common mistakes, along with simple progressions, and cautions that allow the reader to tailor the training regime to individual needs and abilities. His book--the first running book to be written by a professor of medicine with the credibility of the Air Force behind him--gives us a straightforward, easy-to-follow look at the anatomy, nutrition, biomechanics, and/or clinical medicine with clear drawings and black-and-white photographs.

Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Mark cucuzzella explains the simple mechanics of how our bodies have evolved and adapted to run. Victory Belt Publishing. Rodale. Experiment. The science of running how to Find Your Limit and Train to Maximize Your Performance. Despite our natural ability and our human need to run, each year more than half of all runners suffer injuries.

Run for Your Life: How to Run, Walk, and Move Without Pain or Injury and Achieve a Sense of Well-Being and Joy - The first running book by a leading pioneering running doctor and athlete, whether you're in your twenties, practice, and science that shows us in clearly illustrated and accessible text how easy it is to run efficiently and injury-free, sixties, creator of the Air Force's Efficient Running program--the result of more than three decades of study, or seventies--for beginning runners and experienced marathoners.

In run for Your Life, Dr.

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80/20 Running: Run Stronger and Race Faster By Training Slower

Berkley - The science of running how to Find Your Limit and Train to Maximize Your Performance. Used book in Good Condition. Human Kinetics. 80 20 running run stronger and Race Faster by Training Slower. Victory Belt Publishing. Train easier to run fasterthis revolutionary training method has been embraced by elite runners—with extraordinary results—and now you can do it, too.

Respected running and fitness expert matt fitzgerald explains how the 80/20 running program—in which you do 80 percent of runs at a lower intensity and just 20 percent at a higher intensity—is the best change runners of all abilities can make to improve their performance. With a thorough examination of the science and research behind this training method, 80/20 Running is a hands-on guide for runners of all levels with training programs for 5K, half-marathon, 10K, and marathon distances.

80/20 Running: Run Stronger and Race Faster By Training Slower - In 80/20 running, you’ll discover how to transform your workouts to avoid burnout. Runs will become more pleasant and less draining• you’ll carry less fatigue from one run to the next• Your performance will improve in the few high-intensity runs• Your fitness levels will reach new heights80/20 Running promotes a message that all runners—as well as cyclists, triathletes, and even weight-loss seekers—can embrace: Get better results by making the majority of your workouts easier.

Experiment. Rodale. Used book in Good Condition.

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